Heart of a Dream - An Encouraging Story to Never Give Up (Paperback)

  • Heart of a Dream - An Encouraging Story to Never Give Up (Paperback)

We're always told to not give up on our dreams, but what if our dreams never give up on Us? Heart of a Dream is an inspirational tale of this What If. When A' Dream leaves her home in the clouds to travel to Earth, she embarks on a magical journey to discover her destiny. Filled with adventure into the unknown, courage where it counts, and unexpected, yet unconditional love, this story will capture the hearts & inspire minds of all ages. What dreams are hoping that YOU don't quit on them? Listen closely and you'll hear your very own dream cheering you on from within.

May this story inspire you, uplift you, encourage you, root for you, stand behind you, cheer you on, give you that wink, give you that hug, give you that extra push, live in your dreams, live in your every day, live in your in betweens, pick you up when you're down, carry you when you're tired, guide you when you're stuck and remind you to NEVER EVER GIVE UP!

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Lesson Plan + Activity Packet to accompany the story - for ALL ages. Perfect for all the homeschool parents out there!

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